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A left profile photo of the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS.

Take a look at the coming Mercedes-Benz electric sedan platform

Performance Specs for the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS 

As an automaker, Mercedes-Benz will never be caught flat-footed when it comes to being on the leading edge of innovation. The major advancement in the automotive industry will involve moving away from gasoline, diesel or other fossil fuels toward battery-powered electric vehicles. The Mercedes-Benz EQS will feature the automaker’s EV technology and it will be combined with many of the luxury features and overall ownership experience of the S-Class sedan. The 2022 EQS will be available in two versions, EQS 450+ and EQS 580 4MATIC®. As we learn more about the platform, let’s take a closer at the performance specs for the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS.  Read the rest of this entry >>