three Mercedes-Benz cars driving through snow

The Mercedes-Benz Winter Event is here!

Where can I get discounts on new Mercedes-Benz vehicles?

It’s back! The best time of the year for Mercedes-Benz shoppers has returned. The Mercedes-Benz Winter Event is now in full swing, allowing drivers to make the most out of the holiday season by getting into a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle at a discounted rate. With special lease specials and discounts available, you could be driving a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle for less than you anticipated! Read the rest of this entry >>

close-up look at a mechanic holding a car battery

Winter weather and your vehicle’s battery

How will the cold weather affect my car battery performance?

Winters can get pretty dreadful up here in the Northeast, and our cars definitely feel the brunt of it. You may have noticed as the weather drops that when you go out to start your car, it starts a little slower than usual. There’s a reason for that. The cold is no friend to your car battery. If you’re curious to see how the cold weather will affect your car battery performance, read on! Read the rest of this entry >>